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Canon printer and Samsung printer are two most product of Canon and Samsung. Canon Printer and Samsung printer are the best quality computer printers.


There are various types of Canon Printers and Samsung Printers those are available in the market.  The users will work to enjoy the Canon printer or Samsung Printers. After sometimes there are some problems that the users will face Samsung Printers or  Canon printers. These problems will easy to fix by using a  troubleshooting which will take their some time for solving the technical problems. If the users will face many times. These problems are related to the Canon printers or Samsung printers. The users will contact the Canon Printer supplier or Samsung Printers supplier for the technical support. After that, the technical support team will help for solving their problems.  

Canon printer or Samsung printers are the very special printer from the others. Now I am telling about the Canon printer’s problems & Samsung Printer’s problems. These are the following common problems that the users face many times. 

•    Network Problems  

•    Paper Jams  

•    Ghosting 

•    Can't find a driver for a particular operating system 

•    Printer picks up all the paper from the manual feed tray rather than one sheet 

•    Trouble printing onto envelopes  

•    Printing or print out quality problems 

•    Connectivity Problems  

•    Some or all of the printing on the page is faded 


Firstly the users will take the power cable and plugged in cable of the Canon printers or Samsung printers backside and then the Canon printer or Samsung with the computer will connect by Data cable. After that, the Canon printer’s or Samsung printer’s driver's software setup will begin to start and follow the instructions of the software. After complete that process. Then the computer will connect easily with Canon printers or Samsung printers.  

 When the software will not be working. In this process, the users will install the driver software again.  Paper jams problem is a very common problem of Samsung Printers and Canon printers. It depends on the paper thickness. The users will not turn off the printer pages then, before pressing the load /eject button of canon printer or Samsung printer. When the cut sheet feeder will not install properly.  The users will reinstall it.  

 Then the users will turn off the printer after that they will check the power cord and the printer turned on. Paper loading or feeding are the major problems that the users will find them and They will check the paper size and thickness also.  

If the users will get more information about Samsung Printers.  Then to visit this site:  

And the information the users want to get just contact Canon Support Numbers


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